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Friday 17th November - Due back Wednesday 29th November . I have 10p to spend. Which two items could I buy? How many different ways can you do it? Record all possibilities in your book, clearly.

Friday 17th November - Due back Wednesday 29th November .             I have 10p to spend. Which two items could I buy? How many different ways can you do it? Record all possibilities in your book, clearly. 1

Friday 10th November - due back Wednesday 15th November


Over the weekend we would like the children to create a piece of autumnal artwork. Go outside, make the most of the sunny weather and collect some objects from nature that you can use to create a picture.


If you want to, you can bring in your artwork. However, a photograph of it would be best so we can add it to our seasons scrapbooks and leave the nature outside where it belongs!


Some ideas for your artwork:

- a self portrait

- your house

- a castle

- a ship

- an animal

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Friday 3rd November - Due in Wednesday 8th November 2017

We will be using this information in our lessons next week so please remember to return your brain-builder book!

Yesterday we started to learn about Sir Francis Drake.

Find out about the ship he used to sail around the world (circumnavigate).

Some lines of enquiry could be:

What was it made from?

Where was it built?

How big was it?

How many people (crew) were on board?

What did they eat?

Where did they sleep?

What would it have been like to live on the Golden Hind 440 years ago?

There are lots of different ways to present this. You might want to write sentence, draw and label the ship, add captions to pictures etc. It is up to you.

Monday 30th October 2017 - Ongoing

Your child will be bringing home a personalised spelling list this week with any spellings that they have mis-spelt during their spelling tests this half term. Please could you help them practise these again as they were obviously the ones that they found trickier. We will retest them before Christmas. Many thanks for your continued support.

Friday 13th October -

No brain-builder books have been sent home this week as we are busy sharing all the fantastic timelines that you have produced.

Instead we would like you to work hard on the revision of phase 2,3 and 4 sounds and tricky words - particularly blending sounds together. 

Further information below.


Friday 29th September 2017- Due back Wednesday 11th October 2017


We have started the history aspect of our Space Pirates topic this week. Chronology is something that children find really difficult so lots of consolidation is needed. Lots of vocabulary is used when talking about the past (now, then, before, after, a long time ago, nowadays, old, new, modern, year, day, week, month, 1969, when, then) and this can be tricky when you are 5 or 6 and confuse tomorrow with yesterday  and struggle to understand the difference between next week and last week or how many sleeps it is until the weekend!

Therefore we would like the children to produce a timeline of their own lives. 

We would suggest you present events sequentially / linearly in order to help reinforce the concept of things in the past happening 'before' the present day and happening in a particular order.

You can use photographs, draw pictures or write on the timeline. Your child may want to add dates too.

You will probably need to use a double page spread in your brain-builder books.

Most important is the discussion/conversations that will naturally occur during this task.

Try to model using time related vocabulary.


"Before you talked you could....."

"After your 3rd birthday you learnt to...."

"2 years ago we...."

"When you were 1 you couldn't.......... but now you can"





Examples of children's timelines

Examples of children's timelines 1
Examples of children's timelines 2
Examples of children's timelines 3
Examples of children's timelines 4
Examples of children's timelines 5
Examples of children's timelines 6

Friday 22nd September 2017 - Due back Wednesday 27th September

Your child has brought home a template of their hands.

For their homework this week could you support them in cutting them out. Cutting is a difficult skill and we have talked and practised moving the paper rather than turning their bodies awkwardly. Lots of practice is needed to perfect this skill.

The hands need to be stuck into the brain-builder book side by side - like when children are holding their hands up to count fingers.

Only stick the palms of the hands down - leaving the fingers unstuck so that they can be bent down.

They should look like this image (below).



We will be writing down number sentences W/C 25th at school. However if your child would like to write their number bonds to 10, feel free. Please ensure correct formation of numerals and practice any reversals in their brainbuilder books.

We will be writing down number sentences W/C 25th at school. However if your child would like to write their number bonds to 10, feel free. Please ensure correct formation of numerals and practice any reversals in their brainbuilder books. 1

For those children who are already secure with their number bonds to 10, which would include understanding missing number sentences such as:

? - 6=4

10-?= 3




They could use this knowledge to investigate number bonds to 20 and 100.

E.g. If we know that 2+8=10, we also know that 12+8=20, 2+18=20 and 20+80=100

Friday 15th September - Due back Wednesday 20th September


This week, at home,  you are going to learn some lines of a poem that we will be using and adapting during English lessons next week.

Our topic is related to space, so the poem is about a planet.

We would like you to be able to recite at least 2 lines of the poem (it doesn't matter which 2, as we will be performing it together in groups). Feel free to learn it all!


Remember that recite means being able to perform it without looking or reading the words. Lots of practise and adding actions is a good strategy!

My Planet


My planet

Hot, red and fierce

My planet

Swirling winds howl

My planet

Lava flowing and flames dancing

My planet

Glowing like a bonfire.

Academic Year 2016-2017

Friday 7th July - We will not be setting any further brain builders for this half term. However we will be sending some fun topic based activities home for the summer holiday, in readiness for next academic year.

Friday 30th June

In the next couple of weeks we will be revising the Year 1 maths curriculum we've covered this year. Here are some websites that we'd like the children to visit in order to reinforce their learning. Some of the websites may not be tablet friendly.

Friday 23rd June

We have been revising our 2D shapes in maths this week...

The challenge to remember (and be able to say!!) the word 'quadrilateral' has been set and we're seeing who can explain what it means this time next week. (Bonus points to anyone who attempts to spell it!)


In the Brain Builders is a sorting activity with irregular 2D shapes. You need to look at the shapes, count the sides and decide which category they fall in to. Cut out the shapes and stick them in the correct box.


A little reminder...


Any three sided shape = triangle

Any four sided shape = quadrilateral

Any five sided shape  = pentagon

Any six sided shape = hexagon

Any seven sided shape = heptagon

Any eight sided shape = octagon

Friday 16th June

This week in maths our focus has been measuring weight and mass.

We would like you to select 5 different types of fruit or vegetable. Can you place them in order from heaviest to lightest? First of all you might just want to measure by feeling with your hands. If you have access to a measuring scale at home, it would be great if you could find out how heavy each item is in grams. Write the names and weights of the fruits/vegetables on the sheet provided. You may want to take a photo to bring into school!



Friday 9th June

Next week the year ones will be taking their phonics screening checks. They have been working so hard to use their phonics knowledge wherever possible. For homework this week, please take time to hear them read and have a go at the games and resources linked below.


Friday 19th May


We will soon be practising skills with money, so for your homework this week have a go on the website linked below. It should be tablet and desktop friendly.


Start off with the 'One Coin' tab and work your way through each of the coins. Next see if you can complete any of the mixed coins tab. Do the first few with a grown up and then have a go by yourself.

Friday 12th May


We have been revising split-digraphs this week, and sounding out their long vowel sounds really carefully. Complete the worksheet inside Brain Builders by filling in the missing split-digraph for each word cloud. Some of the clouds may have more than one option of split-digraph that fits, so you can write this too.


Note to parents:

Make sure the children sound out each word with all the options of split-digraph, even if they recognise the correct missing split-digraph straight away. This is excellent practise for when they read the 'alien' nonsense words in the phonics screening check in a couple of weeks time. They could even write alternative 'alien' options on the following page.







Friday 5th May


We have been creating number mind maps in maths this week.

The aim is to find as many ways as possible to represent the number that is at the centre of the mind map. The children should look for addition, subtraction and multiplication number sentences where the answer is the number in the centre of the mind map. They may also wish to draw pictorial representations, write the number as a word, or even create a word problem. Just remember the answer has to be that same number!


Complete in your Brain Builder. Choose one of the numbers below and get started!

Our current record is 18 different ways, can you beat this?


                          8                    15                  20                                     


Writing a number sentence that has the same numbers and operation but in a different order counts as two different ways.

E.g.   3 x 4   and    4 x 3

Here's an example of how to do it!

Here's an example of how to do it! 1

Friday 28th April


As we've come to the end of our previous topic The Perfect Pet, we'd like the children to write a poem about an animal.


Young Writers are holding a Poetry Safari competition, and we would like the children to enter their poems through school. The children can write any type of poem they like. Remember, a poem does not have to rhyme! 

Enjoy creating and bring back into school on Wednesday 3rd May.


Use this link to watch a video with more information.


Here is a copy of the entry booklet that we will provide when the children have completed their poem. It has some useful guidance about writing inside, including a planning sheet which might give you some tips!

Friday 7th April

Enjoy your Easter break. Please revise Year 1 Spelling list.



Friday 31st March                                          Pizza Fractions


We have been exploring fractions for the last two weeks in maths. We have looked at halving, counting in halves, and quartering.


Homework this week is on a worksheet that is being sent home in the Brain Builders. It is also attached below.



The weather is set to be sunny and bright this weekend, so we'd like you to go outside and experience nature!

In Science we have been learning about micro-habitats and have been on a few plant hunts around the school grounds. If you can, go on a walk with your family; it might be a nice thing to do on Mother's day...


Whilst you are outside we'd like you to complete one of the following activities:

Please remember our forest school rules. Do not pick wild flowers and always check with a grown up before touching anything you find.

The posters/checklists for each activity are attached below. You may wish to print these out to take with you, but this is not a necessity. Have fun!

Enjoy the weather!

Enjoy the weather! 1

Set on Friday 10th March - Due in Wednesday 22nd March 2017 (2 weeks to complete)


Carrying on with our geography theme we would like the children to think more carefully about where they live and the vocabulary used to describe places.

Sheets will be sent home in brain-builder books for them to complete.


Each circle needs to be cut out carefully.

A picture needs to be stuck or drawn on to the sheet corresponding with the 'focus area'.

E.g. My City - Worcester with a picture or photograph of Worcester. 

Once all circles are completed use a split pin / length of wool or string to join them, with the smallest circle at the top of the pile, so that all places are visible.

Please remember that place names are proper nouns and need a capital letter and that they are taller than lowercase letters.


Here is  a link to the sheets that are being sent home and an idea of what they might look like when they are completed.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3




For your homework this week we would like you to go on an arrays hunt. How many arrays can you find or make? You can either draw pictures or take photographs. Can you complete a multiplication number sentence to match these (just like the planets example above)?


Here are some ideas to get you started:


- Bake some fairy cakes or muffins! What do you notice about the muffin tin?

- Collect some shells or rocks. Can you organise them into an array?

- Tidy up your toys... can you place them so they show an array?


If you'd like more of an explanation of what an array is, watch this video from BBC Bitesize (use the link below).


If you have access to a desktop computer, you may like to have a go at this 'Under the Sea' arrays game. read the instructions carefully; you might need an older sibling or adult to help you.



Friday 17th February


Laugh and have a good half-term. See spellings on Spellings page of website.



In maths this week, the children have been learning about measurements.

To support this learning, we would like them to practise their measuring skills outdoors.


Depending on what measuring tools you have, complete the activities on the sheet in their Brain Builders. You will need either a tape measure and/or ruler. There is also an optional challenge at the bottom of the sheet. There is no correct answer, so have a think and have a go!  If you do complete this, please take a photo to show us.


Here is a link to the worksheet if your child did not return their Brain Builder in time.


This week’s homework focus, supports a variety of knowledge and skills the children are learning across the curriculum. Your child has a net of a cube or cuboid to make. This will help reinforce properties of 3D shape, taught in Maths and model making in Design and Technology.

To extend this further the net will either have 6 blank faces or have 6 questions written on it.

If your child has been given a net with questions on we would like them to use this at home to help them discuss their reading books with you.

If your child has been given or chosen a blank net, we would like them to think of 6 questions that they could ask someone about a book (write one on each face) then make the cube/cuboid and again keep it at home to aid discussion about their reading books.

We have been learning how to write and accurately punctuate questions recently in SPaG lessons so we are looking for accuracy.

E.g. What do you think is going to happen next in the story - would make a good question, but children must remember to start the sentence with a capital letter and end it with a question mark.

Have fun!

27th January 2017


This week's homework is based around a picture taken out of the Where's Wally book. The children can choose either to write sentences about the picture or write lists of words describing things from the picture.

Challenge: some of you may even want to write a story using the picture as a stimulus... don't forget your punctuation.


Please play the time board game and talk about telling the time to o'clock and half past. (There is no need to bring the board game back into school, please keep using it!)