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Homework will be set on a Friday and is due back in school the following Wednesday. Sometimes we will give out a mini project or extended homework and this will take place over several weeks. Also we will be sending out games and other practical activities and we hope that you will keep playing them during the year, as this really supports the recall of number facts and mental maths. 


As part of out newest topic we will be finding out about different aspects of the past and improving our historical enquiry skills by writing letters to our Grandparents (or other suitable relative) to ask them about the toys they played with as children. This week's homework is to address an envelope to the person you are going to write to. You'll need to find out their address, use neat handwriting so that the postman can read it and ask your parents to take you to buy a stamp. KEEP YOUR ENVELOPE AT HOME ready to put your letters in once we have written them at school.

Picture 1


We have been really delighted with the bug hotels you have made! Thank you for all of the photographs sent in as well. Great use of recycled materials; we are certain that some very lucky bugs will be very happy about their cosy new homes!! Well done everyone.

28.10.18  MINI PROJECT

Following our visit to Bishop's Wood we would like to invite you to make a bug box to encourage insects into your garden. Here are links to several different versions that might give you ideas. 


Or you might like to make a smaller slightly more 'portable' one to bring into school and place in the school grounds to help encourage insects to make their homes at NJK! Here are some picture to inspire you...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Whatever you make please bring in picture to show us or email them to the school office 


Have fun!


Next week we are going to Bishop's Wood as part of our science topic. We will be investigating different habitats.  We will also be working scientifically. Please can you write down some questions that you would like to find out or investigate about habitats. 

Top tips: Think about our question words - Who, What, Where, How, When and Why

Also remember the question mark.


Maths Games


Target 24 - strategy game for 2 players

You can choose to add either 1,2 or 3 in turns and keep a running total. The winner is the person who gets to exactly 24. Can you find a strategy so that you always win?

You can either do all the addition mentally or you can record each number sentence.

For example;

Player a                         Player b

3                                    3+2=5

5+3=8                            8+1=9

9+2=11                          11+3=14

Continue until one of the players reaches 24.


Go Fish - Game for 2 or more players

You need a pack of cards with all the picture cards removed.  Deal out the cards and look at the cards in your hand. The aim of the game is to make pairs of cards that total 10. The youngest player goes first and looks at the cards in their hand e.g chooses 2. They ask someone else if they have a particular number card e.g 8 to go with the 2 and make 10 , 2+8=10. If they do, hand it over and place in front of that player. Next player has a turn and the winner is the person with the most pairs of cards that make 10.


Variation: Choose a different total to aim for. Can you work out what different totals you can make with a pack of cards?



We have been learning about animal life cycles. Pick an animal you know well and draw/make their life cycle. Write about your animal for example What does it eat? Where does it live? How do you look after it? You could include illustrations. Return your homework to school by Wednesday 10th October.


KS1 Homework- all children

Following on from our week of inspirational maths, this week we are sending home a puzzle!


You can find out more about the activities we have explored by visiting

Mrs Parton's Maths Group

Finding one more and one less. Worksheet to be returned by Wednesday please. If you do not have a dice please think of numbers to 20 and ask your child to record one more and one less.


The children can also decorate and personalise their brain builders book if they would like.


Mrs Smith's Maths Group


We have been reading and writing two digit numbers. There has been a lot of interesting spellings! Please can you use the word mat to find out which words your child is having trouble with spelling and help them to learn them. If there are a lot of words to learn please focus on three each week and continue with this homework over the term. Then take turns to say a two digit number and write it down in number and words. e.g 32 thirty two You can make this into a game by using dice to generate the digits and the winner is the person who has the biggest number written and spelt correctly. This can be extended to hundreds and thousands. If your child is having difficulty with muddling up teen numbers e.g 12 and 21 you can use bundles of straws to make groups of 10 and individual ones or use the place value cards provided in the homework pack last year.


The children can also decorate and personalise their brain builders book if they would like.