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Trash to Treasure in EYFS

In EYFS we set up provocations. Provocations are items or activities that inspire, create interest and foster a hunger to find out or try something new. Most provocations are themed to our topic, child's interest or to practise a skill.

Quite often parents see what we have provided and comment that they had things at home that they would have donated, had they known that they were needed. So, we are setting up a wish list. We are not asking anyone to go out and purchase anything but if you have any of the following at home, and you are willing to donate them, we can make very good use of them. The list will be updated regularly.

We are currently seeking items for our new role play area which will be a post office after half term:

Different sized envelopes

Stamps (used) or very low denomination stamps that you do not need (1p stamps for instance)

Brown parcel paper

Brown Parcel tape

Unused but unwanted greetings cards (any celebration but child friendly)

Postcards (used or unused)

Ink pads for stampers

Business style stampers (date, company name, logo etc)

Jiffy bags

Hessian sacks

SMALL boxes that could be wrapped in parcel paper to make parcels

digital kitchen scales (not glass)

Old/Unwanted Postman Pat vehicles/figures



Wicker baskets/tubs/boxes of any size