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The weekly spelling list is taken from a list of statutory words (words that children must be able to spell by the end of the academic year, in order to demonstrate that they working at the expected level for their age) and words that contain year 2 spelling patterns to be learnt.

Please encourage your child to practise their words until they don't get them wrong.


Guidance on how to support your child with spellings can be found here:


Friday 23rd June 2017

We will be retesting the spellings that were sent home on your child's personalised sheet (a few weeks ago), in the next couple of weeks. Keep practising!

Summer Term 1 - test dates


2.5.17 We will be testing 10 random common exception words!


8.5.17 Carried, Spied, Copied, Tried, replied

15.5.17 Bodies, Puppies, Monkeys, Babies, Ladies

22.5.17 happiness, Kindness, Illness, Judgement, Movement

5.6.17 Hopeful, Helpful, Fearless, Beautiful, Painful

Spellings and test dates:



Spring 2

3rd April - carrying, carried, trying, tried, replied

27th March - washing, pushing, clapping, jumped, raced

20th March - shinier, busier, happier, funnier, noisier

13th March - smaller, smallest, wider, widest, shorter

6th March - canal, metal, pedal, animal, pencil, fossil

27th February - table, bottle, tunnel, camel, squirrel 


Spring 1

13th February - busy, people, half, again, everybody

6th February - any, Mr, old, many, Mrs

30th January - fast, last, past, father, build