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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Julia Dean

Headteacher (Wed,Thurs,Fri)


Mrs Margaret Smith

Headteacher (Mon,Tues)

Assistant Headteacher (Wed,Fri)

Maths Subject Leader

Science Subject Leader

Mr Jeremy Thomas

Year 3/4 Teacher-Oak Class

Acting Assistant Headteacher

Miss Joanna Lowe

Year 3/4 Teacher-Ash Class


Mrs Sarah Marshall

(Wed, Thurs, Fri)


Mrs Joanna Bruce

(Mon, Tues)

English Subject Leader

Year 1/2 Teacher-Rowan Class


Year 1/2 Teacher-Rowan Class


Miss Sophie Cornelius

Year 1/2 Teacher – Hazel Class


Mrs Cathryn Parton

EYFS  Leader – Beech Class Teacher



Mrs Lindsey Boswell

EYFS - Willow Class Teacher

Mrs Kristy Pasmore

Hazel Class Teacher (Wed)

RE Leader

Miss Penny Beamand



Mrs Maggie Fincher

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Sue Wallbank



Mrs Christine McGovern

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Lisa Goode

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Lisa Biggs

Teaching Assistant


Ms Cheryl Morris

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Jackie Cross

School Administrator


Mrs Mary Birch

Clerk to the Governors