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Summer Term 1



Our topic for this half term is "Walk on the wild side". We are learning about wild animals and where to find them. 


Talk for Writing

We are learning the story "Walking through the jungle" written by Julie Lacome. We love how the boy changes the way he travels through the jungle and all of the different animals he sees. We are beginning to make our own story map with actions to help us recall the whole story. We have also been thinking about adjectives for each of the animals. We put these describing words onto our 'magpie' display so we can use them in our future writing. 



We have been taught all of the phase two and phase three sounds now. Some of the digraphs, trigraphs and high frequency words are really tricky to remember so we are practising them before we move on to phase four. 



So far this half term we have been learning about time and money. We know there are lots of words to help describe time and money and have been using them lots during focused activities and child initiated play. 


Special visitor

We had a visit from Mr Boswell (Mrs Boswell's husband) and their pet bearded dragon, Loki. Mr Boswell explained that bearded dragons are also wild animals and they live in hot countries like Australia. We thought of questions to ask about bearded dragons and found out lots of information. 

All of the children were very brave and either stroked or held Loki. 


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Extended Stay and Play 26th April 2017


Our first extended stay and play was a maths session. We had been learning about 'time' and the vocabulary we use when talking about time. Mrs Boswell showed us a 1 minute sand timer and we had a think about what we could do in one minute. Mrs Boswell then set us a challenge to see how many times we could do something in 1 minute. We had a go at:

Writing our names, jumping, balancing, making paper chains, moving pom poms with tweezers, threading beads onto a lace and many other activities. We found out that we can do some things lots of times in 1 minute and other things are more tricky and so do fewer times in 1 minute. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 How many times could she catch a bean bag?
Picture 4 How many times across the balance line?
Picture 5 How many times across the balance line?
Picture 6 How many jewels could they transfer?
Picture 7 How many numbers could he write?
Picture 8 How many paper chains?
Picture 9 How many times could he catch a bean bag?
Picture 10 How many cubes in their towers?
Picture 11 How many cubes in their towers?
Picture 12 How long is a minute?
Picture 13
Picture 14 How many jumps?
Picture 15 How many times can they write their name?
Picture 16 How many times can he write his name?

Spring Term



We are currently enjoying our whole term topic of "Adventureland".

The children have made their own salt dough fossils, designed their own dinosaurs and even had a visit from a T-Rex!


We have just finished learning about Chinese New Year. The children have made cards and lanterns, had a go at Chinese writing and made spring rolls during their cooking session. 



We have been calculating by counting how many toy dinosaur footprints fit inside a bigger footprint. We then divided the footprint into sections so we could count how many were in the biggest space and then add on the prints in each of the claws. We have also been ordering numbers to 20 using dinosaur footprints and using objects to help us add two groups together to find a total. 



We have adapted the story "We're going on a bear hunt" and changed it to "We're going on a dinosaur hunt". The children have helped to think about things we may come across when hunting for dinosaurs. "Snake infested grass" and "a cold crocodile river" were among the suggestions. We then had to think about the actions that could go alongside the text to help us remember the story. The children used the pictures and actions to help them retell the story in their learning journeys. Some of the children are beginning to write sentences. We have seen some lovely writing about the animals in the Chinese New Year story. 



We have just started phase three of the letters and sounds scheme and are using our blending and segmenting skills everyday to help identify words for reading and writing. The class particularly enjoy the jolly phonics songs and actions that we sing for each of the sounds. 

Picture 1 Our Talk for Writing story map.
Picture 2 We made lanterns.
Picture 3 Cutting up vegetables to make spring rolls.
Picture 4 We wrapped them in pastry and baked them.
Picture 5 We ate the prawn crackers at snack time.
Picture 6 We used bananas to help us find a total.
Picture 7 Matilda enjoyed colouring in Chinese writing.
Picture 8 James drew pictures to match the sentence.

Welcome to Willow Class 2016-2017!


We are really enjoying getting to know the children in Willow class and are delighted with how quickly everyone is settling in. The children are so friendly and showing a great enthusiasm for learning.