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Netball Match - NJK Vs St Barnabas


On Thursday, 15th February, NJK played a netball match against Drakes Broughton. There were 4 quarters and the whole match lasted for 24 minutes.


We played lots of different positions which was great fun. Everyone played really well. In the first quarter Drakes Broughton scored their first goal closely followed by NJK. Millie was our goal shooter and she scored a great goal. After that, St Barnabas score 3 more.


At the end of the match the score was 4 – 1 to St Barnabas. Even though we lost, we still really enjoyed it and can’t wait to play again. Congratulations to Lily for getting player of the match which was chosen by Drakes Broughton.


Match report written by the Year 3&4 netball team.

NJK Vs St Barnabas

The match report written by two of the year 4 pupils who played.

NJK cricket match against RGS

NJK cricket match against RGS 1
NJK cricket match against RGS 2
NJK cricket match against RGS 3
NJK cricket match against RGS 4

Some of our pupils taking parting in iSingPop singing at the Worcester Arena for Archbishop Justin!