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Reception Class 2019

Welcome to Willow Class 2019-20

Watch this space - once consent has been received by parents (via induction forms)  we will post photographs of 'Willow's Learning Journey' 


In EYFS we set up provocations. Provocations are items or activities that inspire, create interest and foster a hunger to find out or try something new. Most provocations are themed to our topic, child's interest or to practise a skill.

Quite often parents see what we have provided and comment that they had things at home that they would have donated, had they known that they were needed. So, we are setting up a wish list. We are not asking anyone to go out and purchase anything but if you have any of the following at home, and you are willing to donate them, we can make very good use of them. The list will be updated regularly.

Bags of gluten free flour (could be out of date, as it won't be eaten)

Bags of rice flour (won't be eaten)

Bags of gluten free pasta (won't be eaten)

Bags of salt (won't be eaten)

Bags of dry rice (won't be eaten)

Cornflour (won't be eaten)

Gel good colouring (won't be eaten)

Gluten free cereals (won't be eaten - part boxes or out of date is acceptable)

Bottles of food colouring, or essences (won't be eaten)

Baby oil or vegetable oil

Cream of tartar 

Wax crayons (do not need to be new as we melt them down to make 'funky shaped crayons'

Shaving foam 

Herb, vegetable or flower seeds

Clean empty yogurt pots

Paper plates (large and small), paper bowls

Used but clean paintbrushes (any size)

Pastry cutters, rolling pins

Dried beans, lentils, peas

Bath bombs

Coloured feathers, wool, ribbon

Whole or part bags of soil, play sand , gravel, pebbles, cobbles, wood chip, slate

Shower curtains

Used but clean pairs of tights (flesh coloured preferably)

Hair conditioner 

Welcome to Reception Class  Induction 2019

It was wonderful to meet so many of you at the information evening on Monday 10th June and the drop in sessions.

Here is the link for the information we shared, in case you need to clarify anything.

There are also hyperlinks, within the presentation, to follow for further information.

Please email the office with any queries

or contact us on 01905 820420.

Induction Presentation 10.6.19

You will have further opportunities to meet your child's class teacher and the EYFS team and familiarise yourself with the school at the 5 drop in sessions. You will be able to to find out a little more about life in reception class at NJK and what your child can look forward to.

It's a very exciting time for everyone!

Drop in session 1 - Thursday 13th June 10.30-11.15

Drop in session 2 - Monday 17th June 10.30-11.15

Drop in session 3 - Thursday 20th June 10.30-11.15

Drop in session 4 - Monday 24th June 10.30-11.15

Drop in session 5 - Thursday 27th June 10.30-11.15

Transition morning for children and information morning for parents - Friday 28th June 10-12

Please feel free to stay with us for lunch on Monday 24th June from 11.15-11.45.