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Year 2


Homework this week- our next mini topic is about African art and the natural patterns that inspire it. What animals can you think of that live in Africa? Make a list as a starting point for our topic work investigations. Can you draw any African animals? Or can you draw the patterns that the animals have on their skins or coats?


Please return your homework by Wednesday 20th.

Mrs Parton



Homework this week- Our work about African art will lead on to our next Inspirational Individuals from History- Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks.

Can you find out about one of them?

When did they live?

Where did they live?

Why are they famous?

What are they famous for?


You can present your work in any way you like for example draw and label pictures, write about what you find out or make a poster about the famous person you choose.


Please return this homework by Wednesday 4th December (2 weeks).

Mrs Parton





We have been reading ‘Traction Man is Here’ by Mini Grey. It is a story about a superhero who saves the day and rescues people in distress. 

Do you know any other stories that have superheroes in? 

Which is your favourite? 

Draw a picture of the main character and label your picture to show what super powers your hero has. 


* Extra challenge! Write a sentence about your superhero describing how he/she is like Traction Man.*


Please return your book to school by next Wednesday 


The words to learn for the second half of the Autumn term are


said, says, he, she, me, love, father, Christmas, our, friend, once, one, because, kind, both, old, cold, told, great, pretty, beautiful, past, who, any, clothes, people, busy, again, Mr, everybody


There will be a spelling test at the end of the half term and we will be practising these words at school as well!


Autumn Term 2019




Each half term we will be learning to read a spell some of the common exception words from the National Curriculum. Here is a list of the words for this half term.


one, once, school, push, pull,

because, climb, child, children, told,

break, pretty, beautiful, class, move,

prove, improve, eye, who,

any, water, parents 


Please help your child to learn to read and spell these words. Remember they don't follow any common spelling patterns so need to be learnt using the look, say, cover, write, check  method. A template for this method can be found on the Hazel Class Page.